My video was the guy jumping and there was an orange slat, but my video isn’t unloading on here.


Final project

For my final project i c reated posters for my brothers future business, which will be a motocross shop.  I created three differnt posters with the same theme. 


bling posters


video 3

video 2


assignment 3

The use of digital technologies only as a medium would be very limiting. But, as a tool its range becomes really big.  Visual arts can be broken down into three components: what the piece is made from (such as the program used or the material that is used), the tools used to manipulate the media (once again the program used will be a big factor and the paint brush and so on), and the style in which it is done (what colors are used, the balance, lines, texture and so on). In digital art, there are so many possibilities that the concept becomes a tad bit chaotic.  If we are to describe the medium of how we made or our artwork, it would be challenging considering that there would be so much to say that you wouldn’t know what to begin with. Digital technology is very useful in many ways, considering how much we can create these days with just a few clicks on Photoshop or illustrator. It’s tough to distinguish the difference between medium and tools in digital art because of the fact that they are so much alike. From what I have come to understand digital medium is more of how broad digital art can be, but the tool is how we create it other than the presentation.

When someone uses digital art as a tool it becomes really smooth, there are so many things that can be altered with.  If you just use it as a medium however, it becomes too broad.

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